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It’s Okay It’s Love(2014)

This drama is tragically and beautifully written. We rarely see the deglamorized reality of Mental Illness and the stigmas that come with it. I would highly suggest this drama to everyone! You don’t even have to be a drama fan to appreciate this amazingly well written story.

In some east Asian countries, mental illness carries even more of a stigma then it does in the UK and the US, which makes this film so much more important.

Ok I cried this drama needs so much more attention 

  1. The two male leads both suffer from mental illnesses
  2. The male lead has very severe schizophrenia
  3. He also has PTSD and can only sleep in his bathtub
  4. His friend (the second male) has Tourette’s which is consistently portrayed 
  5. They DO NOT HOLD BACK on the ableist statements and remarks posed to the characters at all
  6. Nearing the end of the drama the male lead completely loses his grasp on reality with a severe relapse 
  7. Neither character gets miraculously 100% cured (both are indicated to still take medication) 
  8. They make peace with their illnesses and it’s a happy ending

The drama’s writers were also recently given a plaque for their efforts in raising awareness for this, and it breaks the stereotype of the conventional ‘perfect family’ K-drama. Seriously, go watch this. 

Kdrama win!

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"I’m not a feminist but I believe men and women are equal"

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that’s what a feminist is???????